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Books, How The Process Works – Manhattan Literary


Email: mlbooks@gmail.com
Call for an Informative Discussion: 917-837-5991


You have had interesting or even fascinating experiences that you want to relate to others, and believe they would make a very good book.

Or perhaps a compelling idea won’t let go of you — something related to your work, your business, or your personal journey. Your purpose may be to enlighten others by sharing your own deeper insights.

You believe in your ideas and experiences and want to write a book. But a realistic assessment of your writing ability or time constraints makes you conclude that collaboration with a professional writer would be the best way to work.

You have come to the right firm. We will write your compelling ideas or stories masterfully. How?

You supply the basic concepts and background material, with our assistance. There are various ways of getting the required material from you: conversations, notes, your own attempts at writing scenes or chapters, outlines, sketches, etc.

We’ll do the rest, working in stages to make sure you are satisfied with the process along the way. Our ghostwriter remains invisible; the finished product and book credit are yours alone.


1. Among the very best books, many are written by experienced ghostwriters with expert knowledge of their craft.

2. The ghostwriter must be innately talented. Though this may sound obvious, such writers are rare. At ML, we are selective.

3. The ghostwriter must know how to listen, question and evoke the right details from the client. This is a special skill, equally necessary to the creation of a good book.

4. Teamwork: We are very much a team. Our expert editors collaborate with the ghostwriter assigned to your project, and provide feedback as a book progresses. This support is crucial to quality.

5. The finished product often surpasses expectation. You will be very happy with your new book. We guarantee this by working carefully in stages, with your full agreement on our progress.

Email: mlbooks@gmail.com
Telephone: 917-837-5991

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