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Editing Services We also provide book editing services, as well as editing for all types of short-form writing.
Whether you desire to edit an entire book for language and content, or have a text that needs polishing, we can offer you expert assistance. A good rewrite or book edit can mean the difference between publishing successfully and not publishing at all.

Fiction analysis

A 15-page (approximate) analysis of a 300-400 page book, examining problems and solutions for
– plot/structure
– character development
– language
– narrative issues

The craft of fiction is complex. Our editors have all worked in publishing here in NYC and are also working writers. This dual focus makes them the best in their field, because they understand both the craft and the business side of books. The two kinds of expertise are very important in professional book editing if you want to sell a book.

Non-fiction books

Here, too, we provide about 15 pages of analysis per 300-400 pages of text, examining problems and solutions for
– structure
– language
– creativity

In all cases of analytic editing, we provide you with a blueprint for a rewrite – a complete set of instructions on a chapter-by-chapter or section-by-section basis that you can follow clearly. The more detail the better, and we provide meticulous, detailed corrections, suggestions and insights to help you achieve excellence. Our professional way of working assures that you are given the best help to create an excellent book.

Line editing

The cost depends on the necessary work, and we would need to see a text first in order to price it. Professional line editing means this: our writer takes a hands-on approach and rewrites for you, making corrections on a line-by-line basis. It is more expensive than analytic editing because the work is more time consuming — the writer is making the actual changes. Here you trust the writer to provide you with a finished product. If you have little time left in your schedule to devote to a book, or feel you have reached a plateau with your own ability, this is the solution. We work in stages to assure that a client is happy with the work.

If your book requires major rewriting, by which we mean that the result is more of a collaboration and not merely an adjustment to your original work, then our professional rewriting service would apply (see our Cost page).

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