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How do I Know That my Ghost Writer Will be Excellent?

Ghostwriting is a crowded arena with many players. Some are excellent, but too many are the equivalent of fast food purveyors. How do you tell the difference as a new client?
Here are a few things to look for:

* Track-record speaks volumes, as always. Examples of our work are offered on this website (not examples of other people’s success stories, but our own books that we are proud to show you.) You will find that most ghostwriting services hide their work and offer no examples (or book covers only). Their sites are filled with generalized claims. Avoid a company unless they respond to “Show me the writing!

* Location in a major publishing center is also very important. We are in Manhattan , the heart of American publishing. There is a very dynamic and competitive environment here that pushes a company towards excellence. If you are not very good at what you do in New York, then you get eliminated very fast.

* Price is always important; money does not grow on trees. We work with our clients to establish a comfortable budget, and offer options accordingly. We have bestselling authors available, and also extremely talented (but less known) writers for hire, writing everything from business books to techno-thrillers, memoirs, romance novels, etc.

* Professionalism. Members of our staff have worked in New York publishing for over 2 decades and many of us are affiliated with the MFA writing program at Columbia University , one of the very finest.

* Sensitivity to our clients. This also means meticulous attention to quality. Books are complex. They are made with great care and sensitivity, and good books offer insight, invention, and riches in the language used to write them. Don’t settle for less.

*The good ghostwriter finds out who YOU are and what you want to say, and then adds his/her expertise and hard-won technique to the mix. The good ghostwriter enhances your vision of your book. You must agree wholeheartedly with the work we do for you.

*The early stages of a project establish this fit between client and writer, through a process of exploration and analysis. We may try out several approaches to your ideas and material to get the best solution.

* Availability. We are always available for discussion and planning of these projects, at any stage of completion. We are much more than the intermediary between you and our ghostwriter — we are the producer of your project, fully involved on all levels: research, scheduling, writing, modifying.

*Agents? No, we are not literary agents. We can, however, publish a book directly. The main company we use for publishing is Ingram, the largest book distribution company in America, also a large producer of books. (

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