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Mark Sullivan, director of Manhattan Literary, was interviewed on 9 June 2104 by The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi. The subject was the business of ghostwriting, in the context of political memoirs and Hillary Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices. Click Here

Cost varies because books vary a great deal. Our fees depends on factors such as the length of a text, the number of months agreed on for completion, the reputation of the professional ghostwriter, etc. More than any other factor, however, having a written draft can help reduce ghostwriting fees. The draft need not be professional, merely informative for style and/or content. Without this preliminary work, more research or conversation between the writer and the client becomes necessary. Both situations are equally common in this business: draft vs. no draft.

Another consideration is the flow of information. The more authoritative and effective a client is at informing us, the less research we will need to undertake, allowing us to spend more time writing. This also expedites a project and lowers cost.Book projects

Book projects on the shorter side, tailored to new markets like the Kindle Singles imprint and others (30,000/120 pages and under) start at a cost of $15,000.

Here is our guarantee: We will work with you and try to accommodate your budget for our ghostwriter services.

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