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Here is a Representative Selection of Books Written or Edited by the Writers of Manhattan Literary:

Please note that many ghost writing companies are run by middlemen. Increasingly, they are purely brokers and internet-matchmakers (filling any kind of job), like Odesk or Elance. Manhattan Literary is staffed by a select handful of accomplished writers with our own credits and two decades of experience in New York publishing. The difference — evident after a few phone calls to compare –is similar to conversing with the engineers who designed and built a Mercedes vs. the salesmen at a Subaru dealership.

* THE DECLINE AND FALL OF AMERICAN MEDICINE: Finding a Cure for a Terminal System was written in 2012 by Dr. Jonathan Kurland Wise in collaboration with Mark Sullivan of Manhattan Literary. Dr. Wise (Yale University Medical) brings 40 years of experience in the medical system to bear in this unique book, while Sullivan adds his extensive knowledge of American politics and how the two systems are intertwined. The result is a true collaboration between the expert client — a thought-leader in his field — and the professional writer.


* THE MKULTRA SECRET was written by Frank Camper, and published by Victoria Reinhold (under the CS imprint) of the iconic publishing family. Camper is a prolific author who has worked for more than two decades with Mark Sullivan. The two began their collaboration back in 1990 when Camper enlisted Sullivan as his professional editor. Manhattan Literary is in large part a result of this literary partnership. Please have a look at Frank’s extensive track record by clicking this link: {CLICK HERE}


* COMPARATIVE RELIGION FOR DUMMIES, published in May 2008, is by William P. Lazarus and Mark Sullivan, both of Manhattan Literary. The book is a comprehensive comparison of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The For Dummies (FD) series, published by John Wiley and Sons — a leading American publisher by any standard — is the best-selling instructional series in the world. Sales reach into the millions of copies for specific titles: Mark Sullivan was also the agent-of- record for these sales: Arabic FD, Commodities FD ( editions 1 & 2), and High Powered Investing FD.


* BLOOD, MONEY & POWER, written by ex-presidential (LBJ) attorney Barr McClellan, who needed help with both the research and literary aspects of this book. His theories in this book aired on THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY, a ten-part TV series by Nigel Turner of BBC. The book launched on the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Mark Sullivan’s role as principal literary editor is referenced inside the text.

* PHENOMENA is a good example of a book by a retired professional who wanted a record of his insights, gained from his work and the rich, complex life it brought him. This memoir was edited by Manhattan Literary, the  brainchild of Charles Nevison, a retired engineer, world traveler and renaissance man.  It is a compendium of Nevison’ mature thoughts over the years on an array of global events and issues.


* CONFIGURATIONS is a novel about a Southern Illinois farming family struggling to survive during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The book was written by Marilyn Lingle, formerly a host on WSML radio and a local journalist in Illinois. Marilyn needed help with the craft of fiction: the literary, stylistic  aspects of this text, which describes the vanishing world of family farming, a world close to her heart. She is a writer with solid skills who needed professional assistance.




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