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The Internet is full of writers and services jockeying for position, making claims for themselves and against their competitors. A central topic is this: who among the professional ghost writers really has the New York publishing background, expertise and contacts? Also, which ghost writers have published their own books to offer evidence of their ability, beyond a doubt.
We state quite simply that our work and references will speak for themselves. Before we enter into a contract with you, we will provide all assurances and references to establish our character as professionals and experts in our field. Ghostwriting is a serious investment in time and money, and our clients typically demand these assurances from us. We are more than happy to comply.
Specifically, Manhattan Literary is a select group of three professional writers. We have all worked as writers and editors in New York publishing for at least two decades. Here are a few facts about the three principals of our firm: Mark Sullivan, director and senior writer at Manhattan Literary, has worked extensively with (among others) the elite New York publisher, John Wiley & Sons — as a writers’ representative, as an editor, and as an author. This diversification is critical in publishing today and is a vital asset to his clients that seek ghostwriting of quality, and publication. {Click Here} His most recent published work, from 2012, is THE DECLINE AND FALL OF AMERICAN MEDICINE: Finding a Cure for a Terminal System (Click Here)Franklin Jefferson Camper, co-director and senior writer, has superb publishing credentials. He is the consummate professional writer. He’s done extensive work with the New York publisher, Dell, and is the author of over 15 published books, from 1989 to the present.

William P. Lazarus, also a senior professional writer at ML, has co-authored with Mark Sullivan for the publisher, John Wiley & Sons. Bill is also a former journalist with a considerable track record. He is an expert on the history of the western religions, as well as an inveterate sports journalist, with three decades of publishing experience. Bill is truly a renaissance man. He began in academia and was a professor at Yale University where he taught business writing. He later taught at Case Western and Kent State.{Click Here}
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Note fiction and non-fiction have fundamental differences, but also certain shared skills. We have expertise in both categories as professional ghost writers, and will be able to provide samples from each.
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